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Thursday, February 17, 2011


"The seekers of knowledge must travel far. Theirs is the most difficult of journeys. The path they take is not mapped out.

In order to grow, you cannot just sit and wait. You must take the initiative and search for the solution. In this way you will be rewarded twofold. Once by never being idle, and once by finding what you seek.

You must look everywhere there is a possibility. Sometimes what you seek will not be apparent. But the very act of seeking will separate you from the others, bring you closer to your goal. For it is important that you, above all others, find what you need. The very survival of the people depends on it.

Knowledge is a dangerous thing. But without knowledge there will be no future and without a future there is no knowledge. Knowledge is power but not all power is good. So grow in knowledge and use it wisely.

Finally when you are fully traveled, you will know your place in the tapestry. Then you can seek out those things that are necessary to return the order to all things.Only then can you consider your job complete."

The Scriptures of Al'Zaneed Chapter 5 (Pika'Al - The Prophecy)

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