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Sunday, February 20, 2011


I started to re-read my two early novels yesterday, with a view to continuing on with writing the third in the series as soon as possible. It was an odd experience. I wrote my first novel 'Xannu - The Prophecy' back in 2002 and I guess I haven't read it in about 3 or 4 years now. Even though I know the story, it's been interesting re-reading some of the little details that had disappeared into the recesses of my mind. You think you know a story, and you mostly do. But there are always pieces that you read and say 'wow! I'd forgotten about that.' The oddest experience was reading a piece of the book and laughing out loud. Yes, it was supposed to be a comical scene, so that's okay. It's just that you don't expect to laugh out loud to something you yourself have written. It's been nice to pick up a book and enjoy reading it, especially when you know the author so well :-)

The feedback I've been getting from old and new friends alike has also been very encouraging. It's like I have re-awakened a dormant elephant who wants to be loved. Hmm.. That sounds a little weird. Still, it's what came out so I'm sticking to it! So, it's time to write a little more of my project management book and then back to sitting and reading for a few hours. I'll be back soon.

PS. Still waiting for my novels to appear on the Amazon bookstore. I don't know why they're taking so long. I can't really start my all out marketing efforts until they arrive...

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