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Thursday, February 17, 2011


A few days ago I read an article about Amanda Hocking and her success with self-publishing. The article, posted in USA Today mentions that in January 2011, Miss Hocking sold 450,000 ebooks. She currently has nine titles published and from the reviews they are getting, she's doing pretty well.

So, I guess the time has finally arrived when an author doesn't necessarily have to go the traditional route of the agent and publisher to get out there. That's not to say that self-publishing is the future - only for some. It is a lot of hard work as Miss Hocking rightly admits to - Reality Check - but if approached correctly can be totally worthwhile. So, it's time to give this a try and see what happens. After all it can't be any harder than writing blindly to a thousand agents!

Next job is to get my two published fantasy books republished as Amazon Kindle books. Seems like a good task for tomorrow :-)

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