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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazon Kindle - Reading Books on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Droid

Have you got a smartphone? You know, one with a screen and the Internet? You probably have. Well did you know you can read books on your smartphone too? Maybe not.

They may only have a few inches of screen space but smartphones are really good for reading books on. In fact with the Amazon Kindle app loaded you can carry literally hundreds of books ready to read at any time, wherever you are.
I have to admit the first time I loaded up the app on my iPhone and opened a book I was very dubious. I thought it would be a pain only being able to read a few sentences at a time. Actually I was very wrong. Within a few minutes I had completely forgotten I was even reading on a phone! It was an easy experience, the phone is very lightweight and the screen very easy to read. Of course, the fact that you can alter the font size of the words and change the brightness of the screen added to the experience. Then there's the syncing. The Kindle app remembers exactly where you are in a book and the next time takes you straight to that place. It even syncs your reading experience across devices. So for example if you have two phones or an iPhone and an iPad, when you open up the other device it opens up the book exactly where you left off. Pretty damn clever!

I have embraced the Kindle app to such an extent I don't even buy real books any more. Now I can read a book wherever I am; waiting for a bus, in the bar, on a plane, watching TV. You name it - I've got an app for it! And one other feature I love? Don't tell anyone, but the Kindle app has a nighttime mode - to let you read in bed! It can reverse the text to give you white on black. This is really easy on the eyes when it's dark.

So, there you go. Try out the Kindle app on your smartphone - it's FREE!! Then when you've done that, you're going to need to curl up with a good book aren't you? So try one of mine! Click a book link below. Happy Reading!

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  1. You are true. And Amazon Kindle is also a good gadget. And the screen is wide. But in my opinion reading in a phone is little bit disruptive than real Kindle. In contrast, the real book is the perfect one as it doesn`t damage your eyes. These all are my opinion. Thanks for your great post.

  2. I agree - I love reading my Kindle books on my iPhone. I don't carry my Kindle around because the screens keep getting broken. I take my iPhone everywhere, though, so I'm always ready to read. I haven't tried the nighttime feature so thanks for pointing it out.

  3. I love reading on my Droid... as an "older" reader with tri-focals, the smaller section of print is perfect for me!

  4. I think this may help spread the growth of short fiction and flash fiction. We've had coffee on the go so why not fiction on the go. I'm told my collection Nuggets looks good on the i-Phone. (I haven't got one yet.)
    Martin Lake

  5. I like that the app and Kindle will jump you to the most recent point read in an e-book. If I ever get stuck in a waiting room, I can always pull my phone out and pick up at the last point I was reading on my Kindle at home.

  6. I borrow books from my library on my Android, and I have the B&N Nook app too. It is convenient. Still the time who prefers having the actual book in front of me, but it comes in handle when I don't feel like going to the library.