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Monday, March 28, 2011

Marketing your books - Looking for a publicist

It's been an interesting few weeks trying to market my books all by myself. I've been around the block a little over the years and picked up a few tricks, but there's so many things to do and so little time in every day. I wish I knew exactly where to start. My forte is writing, not marketing, and so for every piece of marketing I do it takes me a lot longer than a marketer would take to do it. So the question is, do I hire a publicist to help me, or do I just carry on doing it myself?

I want to hire a publicist as I know ultimately that they would be the right person to help me. I have confidence in my books to let them speak for themselves and enough strangers have read them now and given positive feedback. So that just leaves the publicity. I need publicity. It's the only way I'm going to sell more books. Some of my friends are doing a great job of getting me some local publicity, but I need that statewide and national exposure.

It's a big risk to spend the sort of money most publicists want. I would much rather give up a small portion of my royalties for the service. Unfortunately, no one seems to work that way! So, what to do? Well as I try a few things out during the next couple of weeks, I'll report back. Have a great day.

PS - if you're a publicist and you want to try something different, drop me an email: john(at)

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