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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meaning of 'The Mangler'

Apparently a piece I wrote last week about my first Gwillville book got picked up by a dictionary website while it was searching for examples of usages of words. The wonderful automatic robot search of found my Press Release and noticed I had used the words 'The Mangler.' So now Farnsworth has been immortalized as an example of word usage! Too funny!

The exact quote: 'Armed with his toolbox of hammers and staying well away from The Mangler, he’s determined to get to the bottom of it all'

The the article goes on to say: 'Read more on this news related to 'Mangler' at'

Don't you just love Internet robots? If you're interested, the full page can be found HERE.

Oh well, back to the real work of the day...

PS. 'The Mangler' is actually a very scary piece of machinery that puts meat pies together. Farnsworth has good reason to be worried when he's around it too. Want to find out why? Then read the book:

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