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Monday, March 7, 2011

My mother is on Facebook

Actually just to be clear, my mother isn't on Facebook. Yet! But for a lot of people their mother, father, son, daughter, or ex-girlfriend are all on Facebook. So, what do you do about that?

Some people refuse to Facebook their parents, worried they'll post something that will upset them. Me? I don't worry about these things. I'm a father. I have several kids and all but one are on Facebook. I am 'friends' to them all. Do I know if I get to see everything they post? I guess not. Do I generally get to see what they choose to post? Yes. Do their posts worry me? No. As a parent I'd just rather have some idea of what they're doing. I'm not there to spy on them or make sure they are being good.

In this day of changing social standards and ways of communicating, quite honestly Facebook is one of the few ways you get to find out what your kids are thinking about. They don't seem to communicate in many other ways. Except in text messages of course - but I don't get to see those. Nor do I want to. I do like seeing pictures of my kids though, whether they are ones they've taken or just ones they've been tagged in.

Yes, everyone does stupid things from time to time and lets small portions of the world witness those stupid things. Facebook just makes it a little easier to spread the mistake. And there's the rub. A lot of kids today don't necessarily understand that what is on Facebook may come back to haunt them at a later date. Up for a job interview? Then maybe that picture of you in a bar in Vegas drinking from the slipper of a stripper was not such a good idea to post.

So, the simple rule I try and follow is to 'live my life as if it were all public.' That way I should not see anything that surprises me or I am embarrassed about. So if my Mum ever joins Facebook, she's welcome to look through all my photo albums. Come to think of it, she is actually in some of my photos during some crazy celebrations. She just doesn't have a Facebook page of her own...

Please excuse me now while I run and post this to my blog, twitter, facebook, and everywhere else I can think of. My life is not my own anymore. I am public property!

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