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Monday, March 21, 2011

Religion or Politics? Epic Fantasy - Xannu continued

Earlier today I wrote a little about my books and why I write epic fantasy and how the stories motivate me and inspire me.

In this article I wanted to write about the two great epic fantasy themes: Religion and Politics! To me they seem very odd themes to write about because the two taboo subjects in conversation are these very things. So why is it that religion and politics feature so frequently in epic fantasy books? The simple answer is that, at the end of the day, a lot of real life revolves around religion or politics.

Some epic fantasy novels revolve around one of the topics (George R Martin's fantasies are mostly based around politics and the Narnia books are mostly based around religion), while some revolve around both. I guess my books are more based around religion than politics.

My first book lays out a fairly Christian-like religion that at first glance appears to be the focus of the series. The aim is to give the reader something they can assimilate to. But, as the series progresses, so the religious themes become more and more complex. Which group of believers is right and which ones are wrong? These are constant questions many of us ask ourselves during our lives here on Earth. My books don't set out to necessarily answer these questions but to get the reader to ask themselves these complex questions. The books certainly provide a plethora of complex answers; all intertwined in an epic fantasy tale that includes battles originated because of beliefs and intrigue and plot based on the beliefs of others. They are books that will have you turning pages until the very bitter end.

Why don't you take a chance and download the first book? It's only $0.99. Who knows, you may even have to purchase the second! As one reader put it recently: "[the book] takes readers of all ages through a great tale of adventure. I recommend this for young adults seeking adventure and for adults seeking a "get away" from this world of "hurry up." This will be a series you will start and find yourself anxiously awaiting the next book to see what adventures are coming up."

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  1. You're right, fantasy has rich, deep themes that speak to life itself. That's why fantasy literature is the most banned genre and stirs such anger by those who don't want alternative world views distributed.