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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SmashWords will give you 20% for FREE!

Did you know you can read 20% of my books for free? That's a pretty good deal I reckon. Any website that will let you sample a book before you buy it is good by me. Well, SmashWords will do just that. By clicking one of the links below you can download about 80 pages of each of my books - FOR FREE!
Then, if you like the book and want to read the whole thing, just pay the small book fee and carry on reading.

Why am I good with this? Well I'm pretty confident you'll like the books enough to buy the full copy once you start reading. So, head on over to SmashWords and give my books a try. You can even read them straight from your PC. Another winning idea.

I'll catch you all later.

Here are some other books you might want to try out too...

Murder Stalks by Sara Thacker. $2.99 from
When young women start dying, lead detective Tony Santos is drawn into a web of deceit and revenge that forces him out of the police department and directly into the sights of the killer. His wife walked out, and he's glad for that fact after a dead body winds up in his bed. Now he needs Marissa more than ever, but she's got her defenses up and his charm isn't working on her.

Cry Havoc by William Todd Rose. $2.99 from
The city is embroiled in chaos: street fights rage with the ferocity of urban warfare, buildings burn unchecked, and blood flows along the sidewalks. Though they can see the anarchy through their windows, two couples struggle to maintain a sense of normality within the confines of thetheir home, never dreaming of the lengths some of them will go to just to stay alive.

Bloodhound by Henning Brazer. $2.99 from
The murderer dubbed the Twin Killer strikes again and the police are at a loss. They cannot find any clues that would lead to his capture. Enter the genetic oddity that is Dixie Bannerman - a freak of nature that is both blessed and cursed by his overdeveloped sense of smell akin to that of a bloodhound. Now he uses his ability to track this elusive killer while guarding a dangerous secret.

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