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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take a chance on the next bestselling author - Paul Dorset

Yes, the early reviews are in and they're are better than I had hoped for!

Xannu - The Prophecy has been available in the Amazon Kindle bookstore for a little over two weeks now and the early reviews give it praise. Here are a selection of the 5 star comments:

A Classic in the Making! - "...Taking place in both a fantasy world and present day, Paul Dorset takes readers of all ages through a great tale of adventure. I recommend this for young adults seeking adventure and for adults seeking a "get away" from this world of "hurry up." This will be a series you will start and find yourself anxiously awaiting the next book to see what adventures are coming up."

Fast paced, gripping and fun - "Wonderful book full of rich, interesting characters and fast paced, evolving plot lines. From the very beggining the reader is drawn into the tale and the pages turn as you long for "what happens next." I highly recommend this book for fantasy lovers, those who appreciate great characters, and those who like a good-old-fashioned page turner."

Refreshing and enjoyable read - "Refreshing children's fantasy that continues to draw you in until finished. As an adult, I enjoyed it as much as my kids did. Cannot wait till Mr Dorset writes and publishes another one!"

Rousing good read - "I have just finished reading this and I've immediately downloaded book two and the brevity of this review reflects my eagerness to get started reading it. Well done Mr Dorset...I look forward to the remaining books in this series."

So, I may only be a new author but how about taking  a chance on me? You may become one of the early readers of something that will soon be the next bestseller!! Only $0.99 from Also available at SmashWords and Barnes & Noble.

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