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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Writing more Xannu

Today is a pretty momentous day. I have just finished rereading both of my previous Xannu books and also the beginning of the third book in the series, which I started some time ago. And today is the day when I start to write more of the third book!

Okay, settle down people. It's been a long time coming and it is well overdue, but that day has finally arrived. Now it will be a race against time for me to get it written before other things in my life get in the way.

It's weird to pick up writing a book a few years after you started writing it. You worry whether you'll get the characters right. You worry whether you'll remember the little details. Thank goodness I'm such a good planner. At least the majority of the plot is already planned out. Of course, that generally means very little as so much changes when I actually get to writing. We'll have to see where this book takes us. I already have a few interesting plotline ideas :-)

So, that's it - blog post over. There's a busy day of writing ahead of me. I'll report back later.

PS. Many, many thanks for those of you that have already bought copies of my books and have or are planning to review it. I will try and live up to your expectations as I begin anew...

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