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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friends and Marketing - Indie Author needs help!

I've had a busy couple of months as I've tried to kick start my writing career. Since February I've managed to get 5 books published to Amazon, B&N and Smashwords and I'm on track to have at least 3 more this year. That will give me a total of 8. Hopefully at that point the books will start to sell each other. Who knows!

It's difficult to get sales when you first start as no one knows you from Adam. You're just one more name in the big virtual bookstore of the Internet. So you have to rely on friends to buy some of your books and also to help market them. Books sell more books. Friends sell books. Reviews sell books. All you can do is write the best stuff you can and then trust all the other factors come together.

I'm currently at a sort of a crossroads. I've sold as many books as I guess I hoped for. Of course I'd love to sell more, but I'm being realistic about it. At least I have sold more than a few! But to step up to the next level I need reviews - lots of them! And it takes time for people to read your books once they've bought them. So, I am patiently waiting for my readers to write more reviews for me. I'm also waiting for book bloggers to read a book of mine and review it. That will take several more weeks, maybe months. So, in the meantime I have to try some guerrilla marketing tactics. I'm starting with a book launch in the local Irish pub in two weeks. Then I want to get to some wineries. Different tactics; something different. I also need to get interviews and for that I need to get a publicist or at least someone that has some spare time and willingness to invest in me. I'll see where that goes in the next couple of weeks.

So anyway, there we have it. Life as a starving indie author!

And you can help me. How? By doing one of the following things:

1/ Buying one of my books (this is an easy one)
2/ Reviewing one of my books (please?)
3/ Helping me market my books by getting others to do 1/ and 2/ above
4/ Contacting me to help get interviews, reviewers and other public events

Any takers? Thanks...


  1. Not much help to you I'm afraid, am in similar situation. Persuading people I know to buy my book then waiting for their reviews. Best of luck!

  2. I'm currently at the bottom end of it all, and not a very fast reader either. I hope to set myself up with a Kindle or soemthing soon, then I will be more than happy to offer all the help I can.