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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The new Facebook mobile iPhone app sucks

Now, I'm a big Facebook user and I have a lot of friends that I keep in all sorts of different lists that I look through at different times of the day according to the time I have and my preferences. So, when I downloaded the new Facebook iPhone app and tried to display one of my friends lists only to find the feature had been removed, I was mad!

For me the lists feature is very important and now that it's gone I'm not at all happy. To view my lists I now have to use the Facebook web page. What is wrong with you guys? Why would you take away a great feature and replace it with something that is really not at all useful? I mean, Top Stories, Status Updates and Most Recent are almost the same thing. Crazy!

Of course it's their app, they developed it, but how many angry users does it take to get a feature restored? Unfortunately Facebook has a history of not listening to customers and just doing what they want to do, and now they have gone and done it again. C'est la vie. One day I will get to rule the Earth and then we'll see what happens...

Oh well, who am I fooling? I'm just one of 600 million users. One user that now can't see my 'Family' status updates separately from that guy on twitter who posts 200 updates a day...

Yep, the new mobile Facebook app actually does suck.


  1. Why is it when cos decide to new and improve things, they are much worse then the original? My Fb page on the computer has been messed up for days. Boxes are sitting on top od boxes. Pics on top of boxes. What a mess!

  2. I was disappointed in the Friendly App for my iPad...thought I could take the iPad on my trips and not have to drag my computer. WRONG!
    I am patiently waiting for you to rule the Earth, Paul.

  3. Lois - I agree. Overall the Facebook experience on all mobile devices is pretty poor. Zuck and co. just don't want to pay attention to that marketplace in the same way as on the PC. Oh well..