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Friday, April 15, 2011

Off to meet with a potential publicist

Ssshhh. Hush. Please don't speak too loudly but I'm off to meet with a potential publicist today. It's a very exciting development in the life of a struggling Indie author...

It's tough to get out there and sell books when you're not being backed by a large Publishing House and so I have decided to bite the bullet and try something really different. I think I've found someone that believes in what I do and how I write, and understands that things are changing in today's world of book publishing. So today the two of us get to sit down together and discuss ideas and terms, etc. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out well and I come away with a definite agreement. If I do, I'll be on the road to trying and get interviews with Radio and TV stations, magazines and other places. I need someone who has the contacts to work on my behalf so that I can concentrate on the writing aspect of the job.

I have lots of ideas for books, I just need the free time to be able to concentrate on them. Hopefully it's going to be a long and productive summer. I'll let you know the outcome tomorrow...

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