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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paul Dorset Video Blog #2

Jai and Jasmine's Jeopardous Journey. That's the name of my upcoming book, the second in the Gwillville series. The book is due for release next weekend and so here's your first chance to get to hear a little of it. But first, the book blurb:
Jai hates the smell of rotting vegetables. He’s been thinking about them ever since he arrived in Gwillville. He hates being boxed up too. But his cousin Jasmine doesn’t remember anything about that. She’s more concerned with meeting new friends at school. And there’s an assortment of other dummies to meet there. Lily Longfreckle is only eight years old but Chuck Handle is sixteen and has been at school for three years already. Then there’s Trevor Tightrope who’s twenty-five. It’s all very strange indeed, and oddest of all is Wonky Williams. He’s eleven and is so accident-prone that Jai and Jasmine wonder how he ever makes it through a complete day. 
But despite all the new experiences that Jai and Jasmine are having, the ship that brought them both to Gwillville is weighing heavily on Jai’s mind. So no matter what, he’s determined to discover more about the elusive ‘ship that sails north.’ Maybe it’s the secret to being reborn and maybe it’s a way to find Farnsworth’s missing father. Jai finally decides it’s necessary to take a jeopardous journey of discovery. 
Jai and Jasmine’s Jeopardous Journey is a comical adventure story set in the dummy town of Gwillville; a small coastal harbor town with a Fire Station, a Police Station, a school, restaurants and stores. There are houses too, where the dummies live and work and carry on their ageless day to day life. Yet not everything in Gwillville is exactly as it seems. Some of the laws of nature, which as humans we take for granted, work in slightly different ways. 
Gwillville is populated with colorful characters that every reader will soon take to their hearts. With the bumbling hero Farnsworth, the precise and exact Fergus Fedderfeeny, the self-believing action hero policeman Sergeant Romeo, and the mafia dummy mastermind Sofia, there are a wealth of citizens to get to know. And you will as you follow the crazy everyday antics in Gwillville. After all, ventriloquist dummies get to have a life too!
And now for a sneak read of the first chapter...
(If you are reading this on a mobile device - click THIS LINK)

Watch for more news on the book this week.

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