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Monday, April 4, 2011

Writing and deadlines

Deadlines are all self-imposed. That's my opinion anyway. And this week I have a deadline. I need to finish the draft manuscript of my third Xannu book by Saturday. And that's because we're moving on Saturday. It'll be chaos here for a couple of days and my computer and Internet service will definitely all be disrupted. So, this means I need to get my manuscript completed by Saturday. 30,000 words in about a week! That's a pretty tough order. Still, I can do it. I fell behind over the weekend as other stuff got in the way. But, I'm back at it this morning and I'm already 4,000 words into the day. Another 1,000 or so and I'll be done. Hooray!

Actually, I'm looking forward to finishing this book and putting it down to rest a little. Then I'll pick it back up in about 6 weeks or so and do a rewrite on it, ready for the readers who will be testing it out for me. It's tough writing a series. I've found you have to hold so many things in your head at once. And that's just the characters and the previous plotlines. Sprinkle in the new stuff and my head is about ready to explode. Still, I can do it. I keep telling myself. One more week...

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