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Monday, May 23, 2011

Angry Beaver Wreaks Havoc Through Town

With a headline such as that you can't fail to have a winning story can you? This is more or less the headline from a newspaper on Friday that claimed: Angry Beaver roams through NWT town (read the original story HERE). Of course it's a Canadian story; US papers usually try to be extremely pc about the headlines they print.

My blog post does have a point to make though. Headlines attract readers and the hook is what makes them pay attention to something. If you can't get a reader to spend a few seconds on your article, you might as well not write it. It's very important to think carefully about the wording of any blog headline - try and use inflammatory words or challenging statements - you'll get a higher number of hits. It's the same with books. Book title and cover art are two very important things. Your job as the author is to get the reader to pick up your book. So make it enticing. Because I for one want to know just what that angry beaver did, don't you? ;-)

PS. Today is my wife's birthday. Happy Birthday, darling <3 xxx

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