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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Corporate America is Calling Me to Dilbertland

It was good while it lasted. The days of spending my hours at home, being able to write non-stop and managing my social marketing during the day, have come to a temporary halt. Corporate America called me back to the office!

I have spent the last couple of days reworking all my schedules and goals so that I can still spend as much time as possible writing while passing my days in a cube in Dilbertland (is that a word?). The net result is that my new paranormal book is going to take a little longer to complete than I had originally hoped (but only by a few weeks), and my third Xannu book will have to wait an extra few weeks before it gets re-edited. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing as by the time I get to Xannu, it will seem really fresh and new to me and the re-editing will be easier.

The change also means I will be changing my daily focus on this blog, Facebook and Twitter a little. Needs must. Having to spend five days a week in an office that does not support non-work use of these sites means I am going to have to set things up to run a little more automated. This will be an interesting experiment.

As from Monday I will be getting up at 5am in the mornings to start writing. The goal will be to write about 1700 words a day during the week on my book, before breakfast. Then it’ll be breakfast, shower and off to the office to do my eight hours. When I get home in the late afternoon I will try and play catch up on the social networks and also write the next day’s blog post. As I said, interesting times. But, and this is the positive thing, it’s all putting extra money into the bank that will help support my writing endeavors while things take the time they do to get fully off the ground. The number of books I still intend to release this year hasn’t changed - and that’s the good news. The last few months have also afforded me to get SO much done. Overall it definitely feels like the train is picking up speed!

So, enjoy the slight changes, keep following and we’ll see how the race between book sales, book writing and Dilbertland plays out. Have a great Saturday!


  1. Incredibly organised. I am shortly entering back into the corporate arena too so it is always interesting to hear about another persons experience! Looking forward to reading about your progress.

  2. Organization is key. I'll be updating regularly on how it's all going...