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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seattle Sounders versus Kansas - A Piece of C**p!

As I have written before, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. My last blog post took a few hits from people saying I wasn't a true Sounders fan - apparently because 'true fans' don't ever complain about everything. Well, to that, I say C**P! True fans still have a right to complain about things. Of course they want their team to win, but you also have to look at games objectively, and quite frankly yesterday's game was also a piece of c**p.

Sure, we have a few injuries. But, guess what, so did Kansas. Furthermore, Kansas are bottom of the league, playing away from home (they haven't even played a home game this season yet), and really shouldn't have been any kind of threat to Seattle.

So what went wrong? The game was boring. Seattle showed no imagination whatsoever, and had no one making any kind of plays. We had two shots on goal the whole game and one of those thankfully found the back of the net - in stoppage time at the end of the game. Again the officiating was dubious, to be polite about it. The referee had no real control of the game and no real idea of how to call fouls. Sounders manager, Sigi, continues to encourage the team to play a boring game that every other team in the league now knows how to defend against. Something has to change - and to change quickly if Sounders are to make the playoffs this year. Honestly, at present, it will be touch and go.

So, my call goes out once more - from a 'true fan' - Sigi - for goodness sake swap it up a little; and MLS league - you need to do something about the pathetic standard of officiating. Something is seriously wrong in the state of Denmark (my thanks to Shakespeare).

PS. Good goal Parkes! Congrats on scoring your first goal since 2004.

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