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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wallaby Found Hopping Around Dorset Garden

Of course when I first read this headline I was extremely worried. How did the newspapers know there was a Wallaby in my garden? Thankfully there wasn’t. It was a terrible mistake and the aforementioned Wallaby was, in fact, hopping around a different Dorset garden.

As you all no doubt know by now, I write under the pen name of Paul Dorset and many people ask me why this is. So I thought I’d write a brief post today to explain the reason. My real name is John Cox and when I started writing and came to publish my books I discovered there were many authors named John Cox. I didn’t want to be one of many. So, just like screen actors, I took another name to publish under. That name, of course, was Paul Dorset. But where does the name come from? Well I was born in England in the county of Dorset, in the town of Poole. So Paul Dorset seemed an appropriate name. And all has been well until this weekend; just when I discovered there was a Wallaby loose in my garden!

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