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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Writing for Yourself or for an Audience?

Who do you write for? Is it for yourself or for an audience? It's a tough topic because one of the main reasons that we write is to please ourselves. But another part of us has a desire to please others with what we write too. Sometimes this leads to a bit of a compromise. So, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Some writers don't care at all what others think about their writing. Heck, they don't even care if they sell any books or not. But they are the few. The many consist of those who write not only for their own enjoyment but also to make others happy. They want readers to read what they have written and to touch them in some way or other. I know I fall into this camp.

I write my novels for the experience and the enjoyment I get out of them, but at the same time I hope other people will share the emotions I am trying to convey and love the story that I tell. As a writer I just have to make sure I don't compromise the story I'm telling in order to keep the masses happy. Some writers do that. You can tell. Their books are formulaic and they churn out the same things again and again, just repackaged and recovered. I guess that's their choice. For me, unless it's a unique story I want to tell, I'm not going to write it. I will not just write some formulaic book.

We are born individuals in this world and we should retain our individuality. If others agree with that, great. And if not, then why should that matter? I will stay true to who I am when I write. I will continue to write for myself in the hope that others will like what I write too and buy a book or two.

Okay, off to write a little more about Lucy Weatherington. Be yourself.


  1. You are right, Paul. If you aren't writing for yourself, your heart's not in it. I think that shows through. Keep on doing what you're doing. As you said: Be true to yourself. :-)

  2. Very well said, Paul -- worth a retweet.

  3. Ditto as per Tim... A good quick read. Thanks