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Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Xannu - The Healing


I received a nice review this week for the second book in my Southern Lands series, Xannu - The Healing.

This is what IndieBookBlogger wrote about the book on Amazon:

Xannu - The Healing is the second book in the Southern Lands Saga. The Xannu has been revealed and many groups wish to control him to make their prophecies come true. The cast of characters remains pretty much the same as in the first book Terry/Teern, Joe, Maria, Matthius, Selene, and Vixxa. Susan begins to take a bigger role in Terry's life and he finds a new friend in Steve as well. This book sees the group from the first book separate in order to take care of certain members that are sick. Teern, Matthius, and Selene are off to The Unforgiving to heal Matthius of a grievous injury sustained in battle. Maria and Joe are off to the island of Tane (where Vixxa is from) to get Joe cured so he can begin his journey home.

This book shows some emotional growth for Terry as he is constantly confronted with the fact that his best friend is missing and it is his fault. He is also beginning a fledgling relationship with Susan who began pursuing him in The Prophecy. Terry also finds out that more people he knows may have been able to travel to The Southern Lands at some point in their lives.

I thought this book included a lot of setup for the rest of the series while lacking a little bit of the adventure in that was found in the first book. It seemed that there was a bit more time spent in the real world than the Southern Lands. Now that being said I am actually very excited to see what the rest of the series will be bringing and I suspect that several more of Terry's friends will find themselves having some very vivid dreams in the near future. This book explores a lot more of the Southern Lands through the quests that the two parties are undertaking. Mayhem continues to be a presence as well and exposes a dark conspiracy that could involve some high ranking people throughout the lands.

The Healing was a strong sequel to The Prophecy and Paul Dorset continues to have his characters act in believable ways that are easy to relate to. The series continues to hold my interest and I look forward to the third book very much.

So why not jump over to Amazon and if you haven't tried the series yet, start with Xannu - The Prophecy. It's only $0.99 <- definitely a bargain!

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