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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sigi Schmid - Time to Leave the Sounders (Seattle Sounders v Sporting Kansas City)

Now I know that Seattle actually won yesterday's game, but let's examine recent results in a little more detail:

Manchester Utd 7-0 Seattle Sounders
San Francisco (Panama) 1-0 Seattle Sounders
Houston 3-1 Seattle Sounders
San Francisco (Panama)  0-2 Seattle Sounders
Kansas 1-2 Seattle Sounders

So, why am I complaining? After all it seems like Seattle has won the last two games, right? Yes, they were the technical results. However, both games required last gasp goals (in one case against a team with only 10 men), after completely lackluster performances. The bottom line is that Sigi Schmid has forgotten how to coach both the defense and the offnse. His game is a midfield one - it's just not good enough anymore, Sigi!

Sigi, Sigi, what does it take? Seriously. Be grateful you are not coaching in England. If you were you would currently be out of a job. Week after week I watch you play the same old tired tactics against teams that quite honestly Seattle should blow away with the depth of playing skill they have (technically we have one of the most talented teams in the league). Let's examine your tactics:

Defense: Sorry - do we actually have a defense that supports Kasey Keller - I think if you ask him that, he'd agree
Midlfield: Maybe the best part of our game - Perhaps that's all you know, Sigi. CHANGE IT UP!
Offense: I guess we missed out here, too. Do you actually teach any of our strikers where the goal is? And why do you insist on playing has been, no idea strikers? (Think Levesque). And Montero currently couldn't hit the goal from two yards away. Time for some striker training camps, Sigi.

I am a real Sounders supporter but I am fed up of the tired tactics you play week after week. Enough said.

SEATTLE SOUNDERS management - please recruit a new manager. One that can actually coach the players we have to play real soccer...

Goodbye - Mister Fat Controller (please see Thomas The Tank Engine), have a nice trip...

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  1. I think we may have touched base on this topic about a year ago, and yet he's still here and it's because we are all way too P.C. and warm and fuzzy and touchy feely and we wouldn't want to say anything that might hurt someones feelings would we, even Sounders Fans seem to blindly support the club wearing blinkers and only seeing the "good" side of the game. On the other hand the Portland Timber have a promising Head Coach in John Spencer, he doesn't seem afraid to speak his mind and has even been suspended for making less than pleasant comments about the Refs. Seattle would do well to serenade old "Spenny" and coax the Coach north where he can dish out bollockings as required, yep time to kick softy Sigi to the curb !