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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inside the Author's Head

Don't you sometimes wish you could get inside an Author's head and find out what they're really thinking? What is it that motivates them, that spurs them on to writing great books? Or don't you really care?

I often ask myself, just how did so and so come up with that idea? Or, how did so and so manage to write a particular passage? Unfortunately, I also sometimes think to myself as I read something, how did this person think this was really going somewhere?

I really hope no one ever wants to get inside my head. I don't believe it would be a very pleasurable experience! My head is always so busy, with so many thoughts and ideas, it's a wonder I ever get anything done. Take today for instance. I'm just a couple of weeks away from the launch of my new book and I still have a million things left to do. I have a manuscript. I have a cover. I have a few reviewers lined up. Heck, I even have a PR company engaged. But, there are still a million things I need to do to get the book finalized. There's all the formatting, synopses to write, book-sites to get to, marketing and PR to kick-off (my own that is). There just aren't enough hours in the day. I sometimes wonder just how does a self-published author ever become successful?

I need to make a list. I need to contribute a lot more on book blogs and websites. I need to... The list is endless. Oh, and in between, I need to write a few more blog posts, finish editing my first two Xannu books, perform a first edit on the new, third, Xannu book (which has sat cooking for nearly 6 months now), do some more PR on those books... The list goes on.

So, without further ado this morning, I'm signing off. I also have my day job to attend to (time to jump in the shower already)...

How about showing me a little love today and taking a read of some of my blog articles (just click around a little)? There's lots to read on all sorts of topics. And to entice you further, here's the cover of my latest book, New Blood. Have a great day.

A single kiss can get a girl killed. But what if he's the most irresistible man you've ever met? What would you do?

New Blood is a 16+ Young Adult Urban Paranormal Thriller set in the Pacific North-West. Think equal parts Twilight, Da Vinci Code and Romeo & Juliet. New Blood tells a story that is liberally laced with power, greed, ambition, death and love. What would you be prepared to sacrifice to have it all?


  1. Personally, I hope no-one gets in my head either - there is SO MUCH "stuff" floating around in there, anyone entering would get lost!

  2. I try not to even see what's in my own head. Have fun with the new book. Great cover.

  3. I on the contrary, would love to get in your head. Curiosity is eating at me!
    Knock, knock... honey I'm home! ;)
    Have a lovely day!