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Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Write & Self-Publish Your First Novel - ON SALE TODAY!!!

Ever since I first launched my ebook How To Write and Self-Publish Your First Novel, I've been asked time and again if the book was available as a traditional paperback. Well, I'm pleased to say that now it is!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the concept, this book is aimed at helping up and coming authors to perfect their craft, become better writers and get that book that is inside of you out into the big wide world. It is written as a series of essays, each one concentrating on a particular aspect of the book-publishing process. The full contents are as follows:

1. Don't Start the Story at the Beginning
2. Become a Successful Writer in 2,000 Hours
3. Poems and Short Stories
4. Creating a Good Plot
5. How Long Should a First Novel Be?
6. Writing in the First Person
7. Writing in the Third Person
8. Dialog Versus Narrative – Show Versus Tell
9. Writing Your First Novel: Words & Routine
10. Conflict and Its Importance
11. Plot Pace
12. Creating Believable and Well Rounded Characters
13. Writing Dialog – Or ‘He Said, She Said’
14. Creating a Page Turner
15. Letting the Book 'Cook'
16. Self-Editing Your Novel
17. The Process of Pre-Reads
18. Creating a World of Fantasy
19. How to Write & Self-Publish a Novel: The End-To-End Process Checklist
20. Creating a Writing Environment without Interruptions
21. Reading to Write
22. Encouraging All Would Be Authors
23. The Self-Publishing Process - The COMPLETE A-Z Instructions
24. Marketing Your Novel - The Relevance of Social Media, ARCs and Book Bloggers

Normally the paperback retails at $8.99, but for a limited time I am making this book available with a 15% discount. That's only $7.64!! To claim your book at the discounted price, head over to my store page now and use discount code 4AHAHLWJ at checkout to claim your savings. Click HERE to make the jump. It's something you'll be marking up and referring back to, time and time again!


  1. I also love writing and one day I hope to write a book of some short...just dont know what to write, but I have an idea of writing a book, someday;)

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for putting a tool like this out for upcoming authors....the self-publishing world can be confusing for us newbies :-)

    P.S. I hope you don't mind that I added your blog to my own as a site of interest.


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