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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spotlight: How To Write & Self-Publish Your First Novel

This is the first in a series of spotlight articles on some of my books. Now that I have finally redesigned my official Author website, it's going to be much easier to point people to individual books I have published. Today the spotlight falls upon my How To for authors, How To Write & Self-Publish Your First Novel.

I initially wrote this book as a series of blog articles on this very blog. And then people kept asking me more questions, and then even more questions. In the end I decided to publish it as an ebook, and then a couple of months ago as a paperback. So, what's the book about?

Here's the introduction:

Writing and publishing your first novel is tough. It usually takes a long time. Years for most people. It can be soul destroying too. You finally complete your manuscript; you send off samples to agents and publishers, and anxiously watch the mail for the responses. Then they come in, one at a time, rejection after rejection.

How do I know this? I've been there. Does this mean I was a bad writer? No, but I could have used some help in those early days. Sure, I had purchased a few books on writing and I had tried to pay attention to the advice they gave, but there were so many of them and sometimes advice seemed to conflict other advice. It was way too much to take in.

But I persevered with my writing and now I have been writing for several years and I have completed several novels and other books, and my writing is a lot better. My early novels could still do with some major re-editing (which they will be finally getting this summer), but my later works, oh wow I can spot the differences!

So, a few months ago I decided I would go the self-publishing route to getting my books out there in the big world. Things are changing in the book markets and so many people now have Kindles and Nooks and iPads and other electronic book readers. I thought to myself, why not do it myself? I know I can write; I have that confidence. Enough complete strangers have told me they like what I write, so why shouldn't I join that list of published authors? And why should I have to wait for some agent or publisher to take a chance on an unknown author before I get published? So I did it, and now I have the story to tell and the method you can use to generate your own success.

This ebook is a series of essays solely concerned with improving your writing skills and getting your first novel successfully self-published. It is written in a way that you can keep dipping into it, and keep coming back to parts of it, time and time again. It is concise and to the point and it is written from experience; thousands of hours of experience. Every essay in this book is relevant and has a purpose. Every essay will give you pause for thought.

Can I turn you into a bestselling author? No - only you can do that. But I can set you on a path to success. I can give you clear guidelines about what not to do, and how to do things better. And I can tell you exactly how to self-publish that novel. This ebook takes your novel from the beginning and leads you along a path of self-discovery. When you have finished reading you will be Writing for Success and be someone who has a better chance than most every other wannabe author out there of becoming the next Tom Clancy, JK Rowling, Stephen King, or whoever else is your writing hero.

Good luck!

The Book covers topics such as: Creating a good plot, writing in the first and third person, creating believable characters, writing dialog, show versus tell, and lots more besides. There are twenty-four essays to help you on your way to becoming a successfully published author.

So, how much does it cost you ask? Currently it's $2.99 as an ebook and $8.99 as a paperback. The full details are on my website. Why not jump over there and take a look. Just click the link HERE. Alternatively you can go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords and hunt it down. Also, remember, if you jump to Smashwords, you can read 20% of the book for FREE! That's not a bad deal!

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