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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Majestic Inn & Spa, Anacortes WA

My wife and I went on a mini-vacation this past weekend and so I thought I'd write a review of a couple of the places where we stayed. It may be useful to some of you in the future.

Majestic Inn & Spa

Room: We stayed in a basic Queen room with en-suite bathroom. Both the room and the bathroom were on the smaller size, but nonetheless functional and well appointed. The style of the hotel is very much retro and the fixtures and fittings try to keep to this styling. There was no in-room coffee-maker and the TV was on the smaller size. Having said that, the bed was very comfortable and the bathroom had a great shower and very soft towels. We were fortunate enough to have a room on the 4th floor and the view of downtown Anacortes and the San Juans was wonderful.

Restaurant: We had dinner in the full-service bar / restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. There is a Happy Hour every day from 4pm to 6pm and the food offerings were very good. There is a limited selection of wines by the glass, so if wine is your thing, be prepared. Portion sizes are excellent and several Happy Hour items offer upgrades to add salmon or chicken for an extra $2. Very worthwhile! Breakfast however was a different story. The lukewarm coffee complimented the stale English Muffins and Bagels very well. Okay, it was a Monday morning, but the food should still have been fresh. The continental breakfast was disappointing.

Overall: The hotel is priced at the higher end of the market, and we paid around $150 for a room for one night. Having said that, the hotel lives up to its marketing and all the staff were very friendly and helpful. There didn’t appear to be any major corners that were cut to bring you a very enjoyable experience. This hotel is an excellent location to stay if you are a first time visitor to Anacortes.

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