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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review - Medallion Hotel, Arlington WA

My wife and I went on a mini-vacation this past weekend and so I thought I'd write a review of a couple of the places where we stayed. It may be useful to some of you in the future.

Medallion Hotel, Arlington WA

Room: A good sized room with a King bed and a nice sized bathroom. The centerpiece is the 40+ inch flat screen TV with full HD picture. The bed was very comfortable and there were all the standard facilities you would expect. I can never understand why these hotels don’t provide better in-room coffee-making facilities though. No wireless Internet – just a wired link, so there is some upgrading for the business community that needs to take place here.

Restaurant: We visited the full service bar, The Lounge, and sampled from their Happy Hour menu. The food was of a standard you would expect, nothing special, but not disappointing. There were a lot of people stopping by on their way to the nearby casino, so expect a mixed crowd of visitors at the weekend. The morning breakfast buffet provided both a hot and cold selection (better than a lot of hotels) that was mass produced and included most of the popular staples. The hot food was warm (not hot) and only one half of the toaster worked. Finally, the breakfast area was situated directly opposite the entry doors that meant every time someone left the hotel, all the breakfast patrons shivered. At least the coffee was warming.

Overall: Very good value for money for a room that only cost $99 for the night. Yes, there are many improvements that could be made and several things that could see some attention, but the hotel was clean and comfortable and better than a lot of others for the price bracket. If you are a weekday business visitor to the area, or someone passing through at the weekend, then you won’t be disappointed. Just understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

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