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Monday, January 9, 2012

Preparing For A Reboot

If you'd told me a couple of years ago that I needed to reboot my body to get rid of the crap that is inside it, I would have told you you were crazy. Actually, a part of me still thinks I am crazy, but what the heck!

I have watched several movies recently about body health and also read a lot of articles on the Internet. All in all, I have come to the conclusion that I have treated my body pretty badly over the past fifty years. Sure, a lot of it wasn't my fault. It was conditioning. I was told what to feed myself and which foods were good for me. And then as I got older, I started to make those choices for myself. Eventually I began to get fatter and feel generally more unhealthy than I did when I was younger. I told myself it was just because I was getting older. But maybe I was wrong and being wrong isn't something that is in our nature. We all think we know what we are doing and are the best judge of everything. Another conditioning thing.

But anyway, back to the main story. I have decided that I am going to reboot my body, clear it of all the toxins and crap that lives inside and then see how I feel at the end of it. The movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead advocates a ten day juice fast and I have decided that is the way to go for me. As I can see it, it will have several benefits:
  1. It will clear all the toxins from my body
  2. It will give me more energy and overall make me feel healthy again
  3. It will help me drop several pounds of body fat
Sounds like a pretty good deal for the punishment of only being able to drink vegetable and fruit juice (and water) for ten days. I'm told the first few days are pretty tough, but after that it gets a lot easier. So I have ordered a good juicer and am going to stock up on fruits and vegetables at the store, ready for the ordeal. My wife is going to be my cheerleader and keep me on track and I'm game to see how it all plays out. I'll be documenting the experiment here on my blog, probably interspersed with the usual writing blog posts. I mean, it's not that I am changing what I do, just having a little reboot!

So, follow along with me during the next couple of weeks to see how it all turns out. It's going to be a trip!

You can read the complete Juice Fast series by clicking the link HERE.


  1. It's actually really good for you and all of us to do that. Just make sure you get a good variety so you will get all the nutrients your body needs! I have a juicer, my fave juice? Carrot!

  2. Good luck on your journey. I've been interested in doing this. Let us know how it goes! Can wine be juice too? ;)

  3. Good luck! Wait til you see how much fruit & veg is needed for one glass of juice. I won't spoil the surprise, just let me say I hope you have lots and lots of spare grocery money.