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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Management for Dummies

Of course I'm not suggesting you are a dummy of any sort whatsoever. But what I am pushing today is my consistent selling project management book, The 10 Hour Project Manager.

I am always amazed at how this book continues to help the masses. I originally wrote the book to try and dispel some of the myths surrounding project management and to help project managers squeeze a bit more time out of their already busy days. And if I can do it, anyone can!

The 10 Hour Project Manager comes from first-hand experience working in the business for over fifteen years! It's a guide to what to track and what you can safely ignore. It's a... Why don't I just list out the chapter headings?

  1. Concepts / A brief introduction to Project Management
  2. Who's Who? - Know the project players
  3. Risks Management - Ignore this at your own peril
  4. Chess Playing - You don't get to be the king or the queen
  5. Project Lifecycle - From dawn 'til dusk
  6. Communications & Reporting - Too little or too much?
  7. How to become an accomplished PM - Taking control of the ingredients
  8. Tips & Tricks - You have to have a tips & tricks chapter!
  9. In Conclusion
  10. Real life examples
And as one of the reviewers writes:
"If you are looking to do a great job as a PM and still have a life, get this book. It is written by a very practical project manager for individuals who would like to be more effective and practical in their role as PM. How do I know this? I worked with him for several years on long term international projects with large multinational team. This book accurately reflects what he preached and practiced on the projects and hence my recommendation. I did not decide to write this recommendation as a favor to the author but as a favor to individuals, who can use a really practical guide to managing project and have a life. This author with his approach made it possible for all the team members to have a real work-life balance even on the road. Under him, our team excelled in every area imaginable on a project. I am glad that he decided to put his thoughts into writing so others can benefit from his approach. This would also be a great book for someone starting out as a Project Manager, as well."
So head on over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords or the Apple Bookstore and pick up a copy today (It's only $5.99). And if you're looking for a deal on the paperback version, click HERE (you'll save yourself nearly $2).

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