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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today's Downloads - FREE on Amazon!

Do you want a book to read today? Would you like a FREE book to read today? Of course you would... So, why not head over to Amazon and pick up one of the following FREE downloads.

The first book is my Paul Dorset Sampler, which is a collection of samples from three of my novels. You can download it for FREE HERE!

The second book is my first published novel, an epic Young Adult fantasy - Xannu, The Prophecy. The book retails for $0.99, but if you are an Amazon Prime member and have a Kindle you can read it for FREE! Just click THIS link.

So, there you go. Your FREE books for today. Enjoy!


  1. would charge me (maybe cos that's us Amazon and I'm in UK??)

  2. Did you try the UK link? Maybe it's free there!!

  3. seems not lol,,,nm I may buy it anyways later

  4. Wow! You missed Murder Caribbean-Style. It's free 2/23 & 24 at

    I guess you can't see them all.