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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review: The Concubine's Gift (By K. Ford K.)

I was recently asked if I would read and review a book by fellow author, K. Ford. K.. The book is The Concubine's Gift and can be found at Amazon as a paperback and an ebook, and at Barnes & Noble as a paperback.

Disclaimers: I was not paid in any way for the review and the views are mine and mine alone.

The Concubine's Gift (By K. Ford K.)

Imagine a tree-fenced, old country garden that holds a multitude of unknown treasures inside waiting to be discovered. You open the gate and take a peek. Then you step onto the path and take a wander around, peeking behind bushes here and looking into flower beds there. There are just so many little things to see.

The Concubine’s Gift reminded me of such a garden. The book is a journey of discovery set in a small Nevada town, seen through the eyes of a sexually inhibited woman in her late-thirties, Bernice Babbitt.

The reason I use the analogy of the garden is that, to me, it just seemed that way. This isn’t a serial book, where one thing leads to the next; it’s more of a journey. Of course there’s an ending, and of course there’s a beginning; it’s just that what happens in between could really happen in almost any order.

K. Ford K. narrates the story in a homey, old-fashioned kind of way. It’s apple pie and home baking. It was a little like having a naughty bedtime story read to you; one that is full of ‘by the way’ and ‘incidentally.’ Stories branch into others and meander for a while before they return to the main path. And as you wander that path with Bernice you discover just why the book is named what it is.

For the most part, I enjoyed the read. The story itself is well written although I was hoping for a little more plot and a few more surprises. From early on I had a good idea where it was all going. Like I say, it was a pleasant walk through a tree-fenced, old country garden. And one that was filled with many sexual small-town secrets.

As a final note I have to add that the ebook had several formatting problems that I am told are being addressed. This made reading the book difficult at times and took away from its enjoyment.

Rating: 3 Stars (of 5)

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