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Friday, June 8, 2012

New Blood (Melrose Part One): Excerpt (Las Vegas)

Today I thought I'd publish a small excerpt from New Blood, my young adult 16+ urban paranormal thriller. Take a read and then head on over to my website (or Amazon) to check it out and buy a copy.

New Blood (Melrose Part 1) - Genre: 16+ Young Adult Urban Paranormal Thriller

In a world where big corporations are controlled by a secret society, Beau is on track to have everything he ever wanted and more. And there is only one woman that stands in his way - As long as she can resist falling in love with the man of her dreams.

In this contemporary tale of power, greed, ambition, love and death, what would you be prepared to sacrifice to have it all? 

Available from AmazonBarnes & Noble and Smashwords for only $2.99


“Let’s just have some fun tonight,” Sabrina said, trying to hold a fragile peace together between Wendy and Lucy. “We’ve spent the day at the pool and now we need to let our hair down. The least you can both do is come out with a positive attitude.”
“I’m fine,” said Wendy.
“Just let’s not talk about anything back in Melrose,” said Lucy. “Otherwise I’m going straight back to the hotel room.”
“Okay. Wendy, you alright with that?” Sabrina waited until Wendy nodded. “Lucy, you’ll relax a little?”
“Then let’s go and have some fun.” Sabrina was relieved that at least the two women were talking again. The past day and a half had been very stressful with Lucy refusing to do anything that Wendy wanted and insisting on hanging out at the pool separately from her. Sabrina had been forced to try and get between them and up until tonight it had been a game she couldn’t win. “What’s the name of the club again, Wendy?”
“Project fifty-six. It’s only down the street.”
“We’re walking?” asked Lucy. “I have my heels on.”
“We can get a cab,” said Wendy. “It’s still quite a ways anyway.”
The three women walked through the lobby of their hotel and got into a taxi that was waiting outside. Five minutes later and they were strolling through the lobby of another hotel and looking for the nightclub.
“Ladies,” said a large bouncer outside the club, “this way. No cover charge for you three. The bar’s straight ahead.”
The women smiled, walked past the man and headed toward the bar.
“Quite a hunk, isn’t he?” said Wendy.
“Probably not the smartest guy though.”
Wendy giggled. “I don’t care about that.”
“Stop it,” said Sabrina. “We haven’t even got inside yet.”
“Here’s a table,” said Lucy. “Shall we sit here?”
“Sure, this looks good enough.” Sabrina sat down next to Lucy and Wendy took a seat to one side, trying to face out toward the dance floor.
“At least we got here before it is too crowded. Last time I was here it was totally packed.” A waitress stopped by their table. “Rum and coke, please.”
Lucy and Sabrina ordered beers and the waitress went off to get their drinks.
“Don’t go too crazy on the beers, Lucy. We don’t want a repeat of the other week.”
“Seriously? Are you both just going to pick on me all weekend? I thought we were here to have some fun.”
“You’re right, Lucy. I’m sorry,” said Sabrina. “Let’s scope out some of the talent.”
“There’s a group of guys already watching us from over there,” said Wendy, nodding her head toward the far side.
“They’re just boys,” Lucy replied. “If I’m going to dance with anyone tonight it’s going to be a real man.”
“Or a real woman.”
“Speak for yourself, Sabrina,” laughed Lucy.
“Watch out girls, here they come.” Wendy straightened herself up and ran a couple of fingers through her hair.
“You girls look lonely. Can we interest you in some company?” The tallest of the three men stooped down to talk to the women. He looked just about old enough to be twenty-one.
“Sure. A drink is always welcome,” answered Wendy.
The tall man turned to his friends, smiled and then squeezed in next to Sabrina. “I’m Joe.” He turned to his friends who were taking their seats next to Lucy and Wendy. “This is Neil and Gabe.”
“Hi,” the other two guys said.
“I’m Wendy, and this is Lucy and Sabrina. We already have drinks coming. What brings you guys into Vegas?”
“We’re with a bachelor party,” replied Gabe. “But they are all resting tonight. Yesterday was a little heavy for them all. It’s just us three left.”
“Where are you girls from?” asked Joe.
“Seattle,” replied Wendy.
The waitress arrived with the women’s drinks and Joe pulled out some cash and paid. Lucy and Sabrina took a gulp from their beers and smiled at each other.
“Seattle? The rainy city,” continued Joe. “We’re from Tampa.”
“Your first time in Vegas?” Gabe asked Lucy. She nodded. “Having fun?” Lucy nodded again. “You don’t say much, do you?” Lucy smiled.
“She’s the shy one,” said Wendy, trying to get the conversation going again. “I’m not.”
“How about you?” Gabe said, turning to Sabrina.
“Oh. She’s the gay one,” said Wendy. Sabrina smiled.
“Shit!” said Gabe. “Nice job, Joe. One ugly one, one shy one and one gay one.”
Wendy picked up her drink and threw it over Gabe. “You need to leave, assholes.”
Joe laughed and pulled Neil to his feet as he stood up.
“Sorry love,” Gabe said, wiping off his face. “You just lost out on the only chance you had of getting laid tonight.” He jumped to his feet and ran off after the other two who were beating a hasty retreat back to the other side of the room.
Sabrina burst out laughing.
“That wasn’t funny,” said Wendy. “He was a complete asshole. Really rude.”
“Sorry.” Sabrina covered her mouth and tried not to look at Lucy who was also nearly wetting herself. “It was funny though.”
“And a waste of a good drink. I’m going to the bathroom and then I’m going to get myself another.” Wendy got to her feet and hurried off in the direction of the restrooms. Sabrina stole a glance at Lucy and they both burst out laughing.

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