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Monday, June 25, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Teen Epic Fantasy Series Re-Imagined: Xannu - The Healing

Teen Epic Fantasy Series Re-Imagined: Xannu - The Healing

Author Paul Dorset has published the 2nd edition of Xannu – The Healing, a 400 page book that is the 2nd in a thrilling teen epic fantasy series. The book is available for $3.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Smashwords.


Xannu - The Healing
Xannu - The Healing
PRLog (Press Release) - Jun 21, 2012 - Anacortes, WA author and resident, Paul Dorset has published the second edition of “Xannu – The Healing,” a 400 page book that is the second in a thrilling epic fantasy series written especially for teens. The book, published at an introductory low price of $3.99, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Smashwords.

Written for all for fans of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Narnia Chronicles, the second installment in a thrilling epic fantasy series…

English schoolboy Terry West’s life has been turned upside down. His best friend Joe is missing and presumed dead. And it is all his fault. If only he hadn’t given Joe one of his rune coins. Those damn rune coins that transported him to another world where Terry is a soldier, Teern Truthbringer, who was tasked with finding the Xannu. Wars are brewing and people from many lands and religions want the ailing Xannu for themselves, and it is Teern’s job to protect him. But first he must make a perilous journey to get him healed.

Terry’s dreams also leave him out of touch with the magical woman Maria who has charge of healing Joe. How will Joe fare and will he survive in this world inhabited by warlocks, seductresses, priests and prophecy? Terry is praying he does.

But Terry’s other life is the least of his problems. Back at home his strict Granddad is coming to stay, his school work is suffering badly, and the leggy sister of his school friend Brian is trying to ask him out on a date. Why can’t everyone just leave him alone?
How will Terry balance the two lives he leads, solve two sets of problems, and understand the lessons he receives from both? Only time will tell. But time is something Terry doesn't have too much of, as everything is unfolding in ways he could never have imagined!

Book 2 of 'The Southern Lands' saga
“Listen to what the animals have to say. Listen to their advice. Do not rely on the word of mankind, for theirs is already a path leading towards disaster.” (Foretellings of Taesso 6:12-13)

About Paul Dorset
Paul Dorset was born in Poole, Dorset in England but has been living in America since 1995. He has been writing for many years and some of his early works were published in 'teen advice' columns. He has also had many technical articles published, mostly in the field of Computing. Paul currently lives in the Pacific Northwest but has traveled extensively and worked many times with teens and youth groups. It is this background combined with a vivid imagination that has enabled him to weave a tapestry of magic into complete novels. His first epic fantasy series, aimed at young adults, is entitled 'The Southern Lands'. However, the storyline is more than exciting enough to keep adults turning pages as the story unfolds. Paul is currently working on several other projects and plans to release new books later in 2012. For up to date information on his projects, please read his blog which is at


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