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Monday, July 2, 2012

New Blood (Melrose Part One): Excerpt (The Sales Visit)

Today I thought I'd publish a small excerpt from New Blood, my young adult 16+ urban paranormal thriller. Take a read and then head on over to my website (or Amazon) to check it out and buy a copy.

New Blood (Melrose Part 1) - Genre: 16+ Young Adult Urban Paranormal Thriller

In a world where big corporations are controlled by a secret society, Beau is on track to have everything he ever wanted and more. And there is only one woman that stands in his way - As long as she can resist falling in love with the man of her dreams.

In this contemporary tale of power, greed, ambition, love and death, what would you be prepared to sacrifice to have it all? 

Available from AmazonBarnes & Noble and Smashwords for only $2.99


...“You have the files?” Beau asked, as he opened the door of his Mercedes for Wendy.
“Yes, although it’s not a project I’m familiar with.”
Beau stopped in his tracks and let go of the car door. “What?”
“Project One-Eighty-Five. Today is the first time I have ever seen it.”
“You’re not serious, are you? I’m relying on you to be able to tell the customer the details.”
“Sorry Beau, but I’ve never even seen this project before. And no one else seemed to know anything about it either.” Wendy finished getting into the car and looked up at Beau.
“I don’t believe it.” Beau slammed the door shut and walked around to his side of the car. “Just what do you people do all day?” he asked, getting in beside Wendy and fumbling with his keys.
“Look Beau, don’t get mad with me. I just do what I’m asked and this is a project we have never been asked to look at before. Okay?”
“It’s just not acceptable. It’s no wonder that corporate is firing everyone’s ass in this branch.” Beau started up the car and screeched out of the parking lot, nearly hitting another car as he exited. “Just what do you know about this project?”
“Only what I’ve read in the last hour.” Wendy shuffled with the folders on her lap as she spoke. “And I didn’t really understand a lot of that to be honest. It seems this is a prototype project that isn’t fully developed yet.”
“Everything we do here is a prototype, Wendy. Just what do you think Zygote Technologies actually does? We are at the cutting edge of software and biometric meta-technologies. We do what we do with the brightest people there are, and then sell our ideas to companies that can take them and commercialize them. I know we’re only a sales and support organization here in Seattle, but my god, you need to at least know what the hell we do.”
“Don’t get mad with me, Beau. I may not be mister hotshot, but if I am to work on your team then you need to at least respect me.”
Beau pulled his Mercedes over to the side of the road with a squeal of tires and let his hands drop from the wheel. “Look Wendy, you have absolutely no idea just what pressure we are under at Zygote do you? We are one of three companies looking to break into a three hundred million dollar a year turnover in this emerging technology. And if we are not the first then we might as well all pack up our bags now and go home.”
“I’m just saying that not all of us are familiar with all our projects. We only support those that we have actually sold. That’s why I was in support, Beau.” Wendy wound down her window and took in a deep breath.
Some of the color drained from Beau’s face and he gripped the steering wheel of the car once more. “Yes Wendy. I am aware you were originally from support. But I was told some of our brightest and best people were in support. I was told that if anyone knew anything about our projects then support was the group. Are you telling me I was told wrong?”
“We only know about those projects we actually support. Zygote doesn’t give us a list of the projects that are under development or are trying to sell. Only those projects that have actually been sold. Didn’t you know this?”
“Shit!” Beau banged his head on the steering wheel and then sat back in his seat. “Should we cancel today’s meeting then? Maybe we should cancel meetings all week until the team has caught up with some of the projects we are actually trying to sell. I knew this company was messed up, but my god, talk about the right hand not knowing what the left hand does.”
Beau took another deep breath. “No, I’m sorry, Wendy. I just assumed everyone knew about all the projects. My bad. Never mind, we’ll manage. I know a fair bit about this project and you can cover any technical issues I don’t quite understand. Just go back to basics. If we’re a little off kilter the customer probably won’t even notice.” Beau started the car and they rejoined traffic once more. “Look Wendy, I’m sorry. I’m under a lot of pressure at the moment and I really didn’t understand how messed up it all is. I’m going to have to speak to corporate.”
“Will I lose my job?”
Beau turned to face Wendy. “No, of course not. But corporate needs to fix this. They can’t expect us to sell these projects without bringing everyone up to speed.”...

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