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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #6

On the theme of Six Sentence Sunday, here are the opening sentences from the third novel in my YA Epic Fantasy series, Xannu - The Portal. The book is the third in a series of five and is due for release tomorrow! The Southern Lands series is available from all the usual places for only $3.99 as an ebook and $12.99 as a paperback.

A dazzling cobalt-colored bolt of pure energy cut through the evening sky, lighting up the three that were gathered on the hillside and gazing into the still smoldering fire. No one raised their head to look; instead each was content to stay still in their own thoughts. Again the evening sky lit up, but still not one of them stirred. Finally the eldest of them spoke. “We have failed in the task that was given us.”

For fans of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Narnia Chronicles, the third installment in a thrilling epic fantasy series…

English schoolboy Terry West’s life continues to be a wreck. Ever since his best friend Joe was lost in another land, Terry has continued to pray he would be healed and returned safely. Everything that has happened to date has been his fault. If only he hadn’t given Joe one of his rune coins. Those damn rune coins that transport him to his other world where Terry is the soldier, Teern Truthbringer, tasked with protecting the Xannu. Wars are brewing in the Southern Lands and people from many countries and religions want the Xannu for themselves.

Both Terry’s school-life and private-life are a mess and Terry’s girlfriend, Susan, continues to be everywhere that Terry is. All he wants is a little solitude in order to keep himself together, but everything is conspiring against him.

Back in the Southern Lands, Maria is determined to bring Joe home using whatever kind of magic is available to her. But others are plotting to ensure she fails. In a world inhabited by warlocks, seductresses, priests and prophecy, everyone has their own personal agenda.

How will Terry balance the two lives he leads, solve two sets of problems, and understand the lessons he receives from both? Only time will tell. But time is something Terry doesn't have too much of, as everything is unfolding in ways he could never have imagined!

Book 3 of 'The Southern Lands' saga
“To him who is given that destiny, is also given power. Not just a mortal power, but a power over all mankind. A power that will last forever. A power that surpasses all others. Once it is unlocked it will never be tamed. Once it is released it will never be quashed. Once it has struck it will never be quenched.” (The Holy Scriptures of Luux - Tablet II)

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