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Friday, September 14, 2012

My New Samsung Galaxy Note

I was an Android pioneer. I owned the very first Android phone released in the USA - The T-Mobile G1. It was an interesting experience. It was the first real smartphone released in response to the Apple iPhone. The date was October 2008. For some reason it seems like ten years ago.

And now here we are four years later and I have gone full circle, by way of the Apple iPhone 3GS in between for two and a half years. Now don't get me wrong, I loved my iPhone. It was what a smartphone should be (except for the quaint screen size). Now for most people I'm sure the iPhone screen was large enough, but I am getting on in years now and having to make all the fonts bigger really didn't help my user experience. So, I finally decided it was time to bid goodbye to my faithful iPhone and jump back into the Android waters.

I bought an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note last week. It's a phone that's been around for about 6 months or so in the USA, and has a proven pedigree. The main reason I bought it was because of the screen size. I mean, it's huge! 5.3 inches of 1024 x 800 pixels blazing out at me when I turn the thing on (the same real estate as my 10" laptop). You just can't miss it. And now it seems that Android has all the neat apps that the iPhone has too. It took me less than an hour to download all the apps I really needed. Now I can watch Netflix, read a book on the Kindle app, catch up on the latest sports scores - all in super hi-def largeness! I should mention however that it took me two days to work out how to answer a phone call - something I had to look up on YouTube. Still, nowadays I don't really use my phone that much for actually speaking (it works flawlessly as a phone by the way). The world of today is texts and emails. This phone completely suits me down to the ground.

When I first opened up the box I thought wow, this is a HUGE phone! But now, a week later, I've completely got used to the size. I don't know how I managed before. I am a Galaxy Note convert and proud to say it. Heck even my wife wants one now and she was definitely going to get the new iPhone.

So there we have it, a totally off-topic blog post today. But if you're looking for a new phone, why not consider the wonderful Samsung Galaxy Note?

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