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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #19

On the theme of Six Sentence Sunday, here are a few sentences from my Unicorns novel. Unicorns is a 16+ Urban Paranormal Thriller and is the second book in my Melrose series. It launched in September and is available from all the usual places for $2.99 as an ebook, and $12.95 as a paperback.
What had she done? There was no time to think. Her head was pounding. It was difficult to sense anything. There were thoughts going through her mind that she couldn't comprehend. Past kisses that were not hers...

A single kiss can get a girl killed. But what if he's the most irresistible man you've ever met? What would you do?

Watch the New Blood trailer:

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"New Blood reads like season one of an addictive paranormal TV series. The premise takes the power of relationships beyond even the vampire thrill. The characters are fleshed out (except the victims, who are left convincingly dry) and we care enough about our heroine Lucy, to dread her migraines almost as much as she does. Add in a paranoia about the people who are really in power and... well, the temptation is to call it a formula for a long and satisfying series. However, Paul Dorset rises above formulaic prose with writing so compelling that only after you catch your breath do you realize the craftsmanship. He tells stories. And as with the best paranormal fiction, the fantasy serves to illustrate some basic truths of the human condition." - G. Tuttle (reviewer)

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