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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #20

On the theme of Six Sentence Sunday, here's a few sentences from my recently released novella, Ryann, which is available for FREE.

Grubb opened the book that was in front of him and flicked through it. “Sleeping sickness; boils and welts; scurvy; black spot; and dippermouth. Those were the most popular.” He smiled and turned once more to face Bramwel. “And what use would you be having for them?”...

Living during a time when children were sold as indentured servants, Ryann must find a way to buy her freedom before the bullying son of her lord and master exacts a deathly vengeance upon her. The castle at Walthern is inhabited by lords and soldiers, potion-makers and sclavas; all trying to eke out an existence in an unforgiving country laid waste by battle. With only a tattered yellow nightdress, two dark brown dresses, and a small assortment of odds and ends, what chance does Ryann have of beating the odds?

Get your copy for FREE by clicking the picture to the left.

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