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Monday, October 1, 2012

The 'LOOK' Challenge

So, this is the premise. Take your current WIP (whatever it happens to be) and do a search on the word 'look.' Then you just list out those paragraphs that contain the word. Okay, sounds interesting. I had to stop after a while though. I mean... Still, it makes interesting reading!

I was tagged by Patricia Lynne (who is a wonderful fun person) and I am tagging the following five people to carry this on:

1. Karen at Different Corners
2. Molly at Molly Greene
3. Christine at Christine Nolfi
4. C.C. Cole at Gastar
5. Jo at Two Bit Bard

And now for the paragraphs. They are all from Xannu - The Mayhem (my WIP which is the last book in The Southern Lands YA fantasy series).

The prasso looked around the gathering and slowly nodded its head. “Yes. My family has witnessed the strange events in the south. My cousins have told me of the magics loosed upon the forests. Every place is touched in some way.”
The B’Wot took a few steps forward, passing through the prick of daylight, and letting the animals part before him until he was stood near to the prasso. He looked up into the creature’s eyes and let a tear wash over his face. “We must begin.”
“I will,” Matthius replied, looking longingly into Vixxa’s eyes.
“Then we will make as much haste as we can using conventional means,” said the Elevated One. “We will travel through the night tonight. Perhaps tomorrow the Spirit will be enough bound that Tamaa can handle him.” She looked around her and spat at the ground once more. “It will be dark soon enough and then we will make better time of it.”
“I know,” Matthius said simply. He looked at the road ahead and started to walk arm-in-arm with Vixxa. “And the others?” he asked.
Vixxa looked across at the Elevated One and pursed her lips. “I am the chosen one, Elevated One. Do not forget that. You may still have much power but I am the one who will deliver the Spirit. He is mine.”
The Elevated One spat on the ground. “Mind your tongue, child. He is not yet delivered.” She looked around them and spotted a small copse near the roadway. “Come let us rest an hour over there. Then we will continue through the night.” She glared at Vixxa. “One hour. Bind him stronger chosen one.”
The Elevated One cried out as her knee hit the uneven dirt road and she rolled over onto her back. She stared at Tamaa’s face and turned her head to face toward where she was looking.
“I don’t understand it,” the doctor said, leaning over Miss Bromine in her bed. “You have me completely perplexed.” He took a look at the charts once more and made a few notes. Then he handed the clipboard to the duty nurse and smiled. “We’ll work it out I’m sure. It’s just taking a little longer than we had expected.”
Miss Bromine half-nodded her head and winced a little. Every movement seemed to hurt. “If I have to,” she replied. She watched the nurse turn around and leave the room, closing the door behind her. Miss Bromine closed her eyes briefly and grimaced. Everything ached. After a few seconds she reopened her eyes and looked around her room. They had moved her again two days ago and now she had a room all to herself on a different floor of the hospital. She vaguely remembered the doctor saying that they may have to move her to a different hospital if she didn’t respond better to treatment. She tried to swallow and coughed again. What was wrong with her she really didn’t know and no one was saying anything specific to her. Of course they had told her about all the tests they were running on her, and why. But as for the actual illness she had, they still had not discovered the cause. Maybe this was going to be it after all. Perhaps her time had come. She leaned over toward the side of the bed and picked up her pad of paper and a pen. It was time to get a few things down on paper just in case.
“Let me get that,” said Susan, rushing over to the far side of the room to pick up the glass of water for Miss Bromine. “Here you go.” She stood and watched as Miss Bromine carefully took a few sips of the water and handed the glass back to her. “Are you okay, Miss?” she asked, putting the glass back on the side table. “You look worse than when I saw you before.”
“I know. It’s just that you miss him and you are worried about him. You’re young, Susan. If it’s meant to be it will be and if not… Well, if not you’ll find someone else.” She carefully patted the bedclothes beside her. “Come here and sit down. I want to tell you something.” Miss Bromine waited until Susan was sitting down next to her. “I’ve made a decision, Susan. About you and Terry.” She held up her hand to stop Susan’s objections. “I’m not going to see either of you any more. You both need to get on and do things on your own in future.” She smiled. “And it looks like I won’t have to worry about Terry anyway. And as for you, well it’s like I said, you’re just going to have to figure things out on your own in future. I think maybe I’ve brought some of this illness on myself and well, I’m going to need a lot more rest and a complete change of pace and scenery. As soon as I’m better I’m going to leave for another part of the country.”
“No, Susan. Like I said, it’s time for me to move on. And for you to do the same. Besides, you have enough worries of your own now. And responsibilities I’m sure.” Miss Bromine offered Susan a slight wink. “You know what I am talking about.” She reached out a hand and touched Susan’s arm. “Now off you go and don’t look back. I’ll write to you when I’m settled.”
Susan started to say something but thought better of it and instead smiled at Miss Bromine. She squeezed Miss Bromine’s hand and got up from the bed. “Please look after yourself, Miss. I’ll try not to disappoint you.” Then she turned and walked to the door. “And please don’t forget to write to me soon.”
The last few days had been miserable. Yesterday he had gone around to Terry’s house only to have an upset Mrs. West tell him all about Terry’s trip to the hospital and then getting taken by his father up to Edinburgh. She had been nice and had even invited him in for a lemonade, but there wasn’t much he could say to her and so she hadn’t hung around. As he had left he had seen Steve looking out of his bedroom window from across the road. Bloody Steve. If only he hadn’t moved here and tried to get in with all his friends. It was Steve that had messed up their relationship and even Terry’s relationship with Susan. Poor Susan. She must be feeling terrible about all this. Mrs. West had said she had come around too, looking for Terry. He smiled to himself. It was a good job Terry punched Steve. He glanced furtively across at Steve. He could see the faint marks of the black eye Terry had given him. “Bloody serves him right,” he mumbled, opening his book and leafing through it.
I wish you’d had a chance to come and see me before you left. It was all sudden. One minute you were here and the next you had left for Scotland with your dad. Your mum didn’t look too happy about it when I went round to see her.
I expect by the time you get this letter you’ll have already started school. What’s your new school like? Are you making some new friends already? I hope so although I’m going to miss you being here too. It’s not the same in class no more. Steve is a pain in the ass and stupid Brian is just like he always was. And now without you there, school don’t seem the same. I hope you come back soon, Terry. There’s lots more adventures we can have, the two of us. I want to go exploring again; like we used to. Do you remember? We used to take our bikes up that old roman road and dig for bottles and stuff. Those were fun days, Terry. It seems that so much has happened in the last few months. What with me going missing and then that lout from Wolverhampton moving in opposite you, everything has changed. Oh, and don’t forget Susan either. I haven’t seen her yet, but I’m sure she’s missing you too. And in case you don’t know she’s not dating Steve. I think everyone is mad with him. Well, except Brian that is, but he isn’t really part of our group anyway. I saw him in class today, Brian that is, and he doesn’t look any different. He is supposed to be on a diet and eating salads and stuff but he looks just the same, maybe even a little fatter. Either way, I’m not staying friends with Brian and Steve. Just so you know.
Steve looked up from his paper. “Yeah, I need to finish this but I’m not in the mood.”
“Well?” his mother asked, coming out of the kitchen. “Are you going to finish that or not?” She put a glass of water down in front of Steve and looked him in the face.

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