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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Juice Fast - Round Two Update

Two weeks ago I published a post on my latest upcoming juice fast (the second one this year). This time around I managed to juice for 5 days and during that time I lost over 7lbs in weight. I had hoped to hold out for two weeks, but it wasn't to be.

So the question is why? Well the simple answer is that it was too boring. I really missed eating normal food this time around. So after spending a week at work taking juices with me and then religiously carrying on juicing in the evenings, I decided that 5 days was enough. Besides which, I had achieved my objective of re-booting my body and kicking off some dead weight. I also used the week to lay out my longer term objectives for weight loss. After the end of my juice fast I have approximately 5.5 months to lose a further 22lbs. That ought to be totally possible, even with Thanksgiving and Christmas in between.

So here I am a week after finishing my juice fast and my weight only rebounded 0.5lbs. That's very reassuring because if you're not careful you can quickly put all the lost weight back on again. Now I just need to stick to my vegetarian diet, be careful about eating out, and keep shedding those extra pounds on a regular basis. I'll report back again in the New Year.

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