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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Twitter Experiment - OverTweeting Part One

There has always been a lot of discussion about how often you should (or shouldn't) tweet. A lot of people say that you should only tweet a few times a day, while others tweet every few minutes. I'm one of the latter. I thought I'd use this blog post today to explain a little about why I tweet the way I do.

To me Twitter is a fire-hose. You have no control over where the tweets go and who sees them. Everything is public and mostly addressed to the whole universe. Therefore if you tweet something important at 10am, by 2pm the same day literally millions of tweets will have passed by. What are the chances that someone saw your tweet unless it was specifically meant for someone and you used an @name?

Secondly, people tell me that if you tweet incessantly you will lose all your Twitter followers. I can prove that isn't true. Actually, what I have found is that the number of followers you lose is roughly equivalent to the number of followers you gain. If you proactively go after more followers you can grow your base very nicely. It seems to me that once you have a critical mass of followers you have to do something really bad or stupid to lose large numbers of your twitter follower-base.

So, these are two parts of an argument about tweeting. I support the tweet often principle and have employed a wonderful product called AutoTweeter Pro to handle my day to day tweeting. Using this program I send out approximately 190 tweets a day (24 hours). I keep an Excel file of about 280 tweets and randomize this list 3 times into another file. AutoTweeter Pro then dispatches my tweet list over a period of about 4.5 days. The process then repeats. Every couple of weeks I mix up my tweets and re-dispatch. Believe it or not, these tweets generate over a 1,000 hits a day to my blog. That works out at about 5 hits per tweet, plus all other methods. And this is a constant. I have been using AutoTweeter Pro for over a year now. During this time, without any other effort, my Twitter follower-base has also increased by a few thousand. What this tells me is that my tweets, although definitely of a repetitive nature, are useful and relevant and I am not spamming the world. To me this proves the fire-hose theory. My 58,000+ followers each see my tweets at different times and sometimes they click on a link. In theory they may only see the same tweet from me every five or six months, and this is because no one reads every tweet sent from every one of the people they follow.

Okay, so this is the method I use for the majority of my tweeting. But how do I keep it all fresh, increase my brand awareness, and also spice it up? In the next post I will tell you how I increased my blog traffic by over 50% by adding even more tweets to my day!

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  1. Paul,
    I see your post and tweets and you were on of the first ones That I realized you were doing this. I use Tweet adder for my processes. but you just gave me some basics in this post and as a online marketer, I now have a different outlook on automated programs. its been hard to get as many followers as you have but getting there slowly. I thank you very much for the info and for sharing where most wont explain the process. Very pro! Thanks.
    Troy C.

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