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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Twitter Experiment - OverTweeting Part Three

In my last article I documented my experiences 'over-tweeting' with Twitter. This time around I want to re-visit the experience and blog about the little twist I put upon the experiment.

Three weeks after my original experiment to over-tweet (sending an extra 2,000 targeted tweets out over the course of one week), I decided to repeat the experiment but this time with a different target audience. The results were mixed.

Firstly I decided to use the list of Twitter followers from another well-known author. As before I stripped out 8,000 Twitter names, split them into groups of four, added a link to my books and sent out tweets every five minutes or so.

When I did this the first time I received a boost of over 50% to my blog page hits and also a small increase in Twitter followers. This time around I only received a 30% boost to my blog viewership and I lost around 100 Twitter followers.

So, my conclusions are that overall over-tweeting is worth the experiment but it does matter just who you target your tweets at. I'm going to try this experiment one more time over the Christmas period with a third set of people and I'll report back in the New Year. Until then, keep trying different things to increase followers and book sales and read my previous article to understand the mechanics of it all.

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  1. Thanks for this information Paul. Up until I started reading your blog, I had no real idea of how to use twitter. I'm still a fledgling author trying to learn the ropes in terms of marketing, so this has helped tremendously. Thanks again for the great advice.