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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sony Vaio 13.3" Touchscreen Windows 8 Ultrabook Review

I’ve really got used to having a touchscreen on my phone and Kindle Fire, but as an author I also really appreciate a proper keyboard. So with that in mind, when it came time to choose a new PC, I decided to plump for the new touchscreen Windows 8 ultrabook from Sony.

My experience started off in rather a bad way, with my first ultrabook lasting a mere two hours before it gave out, never to reboot again. However, the Amazon returns and replacement service was excellent and the very next day I had another ultrabook at my door. This one, it seems, is going to last longer than the first. I’ve now had it a full 5 days and I’ve run it through its paces and set everything up on it. I’m using it to write my latest book and also to do all those lovely touchy windows 8 things on the wonderfully clear 13.3” 1366 x 768 touchscreen. My first impressions are that this PC is a gem.

Things I like:
1.  Speed of restart from sleep – no more waiting and waiting to start using it. You simply close the lid when you’re done and then reopen it when you want to continue. It takes about 2 seconds to be ready to use.
2. The ability to switch between the touchscreen, touchpad and keyboard – once you learn all the gestures and shortcuts it’s a really quick user experience.
3. The zippiness of it – my previous PC was a three year-old desktop. This ultrabook seems about 6 generations faster.
4. Windows 8 apps – Netflix, Angry Birds, Skype, CNN News and a plethora of other apps run just like they do on an iPad or Kindle fire.
5. It just works – I know, you expect it to work, but sometimes new things can be a little weird.

So far there is nothing I dislike about it (apart from a lack of some Windows 8 apps – but more and more are arriving each day).

I could go on about the battery life, the ports, the keyboard and everything else but you can read the specs online. The bottom line is would I recommend this PC? Wholeheartedly YES!

I look forward to writing my new manuscripts using Scrivener (and more on that coming soon too!) on my new ultrabook. I am an author in pig heaven.

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