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Friday, March 8, 2013

Indie Author Interviews: TOP 10

Interesting statistics! I was looking through my individual page hits for certain blog posts the other day when I came across a couple of indie author interviews that had received over 1,000 individual page hits. That's huge! That is wonderful marketing for the indie author.

This led me to look through all my published indie author interviews and take a look at page hits. Armed with this information, I have compiled a Top 10.

The numbers below correspond to actual direct page hits to the interview and do not take into account views when a visitor comes along to see something else on my blog. I can quite comfortably say that the actual exposure to each of these pages is probably somewhere at five to ten times this number. After all, my blog receives over a thousand page hits a day!

Finally a reminder to all of you indie authors out there who are not in the top ten (or actually not in the top 2), plug the heck out of these interviews. THIS IS FREE MARKETING!

And congratulations to the Top 10:

1. Jo VonBargen (1474)
2. Darryl S. Ellrott (1306)
3. Kerry Sparks (269)
4. Paul Carroll (264)
5. Hamilton C. Burger (228)
6. Phyllis Zimbler Miller (225)
7. Samuel Ben White (220)
8. J.D. Currie (210)
9. Paul Rice (210)
10. Randall St. Germain (209)

To date I have published over 50 indie author interviews. Why aren't you on the list? If you are an indie that hasn't been interviewed by me, check out my post HERE and drop me a line. In the meantime, keep writing!

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