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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Hour A Day - Setting Time Aside To Write

Popular belief has it that you should write a thousand words a day if you are to become a successful author. That doesn't sound too much does it? For example, a typical blog post for me is around 400 words. That's over a third of the way there.

If we all managed to write a thousand words a day, in a year we'd write over 350,000 words. That's four good sized novels! So the question is, how do we actually write a thousand words a day? For me the simple answer is to make sure I write for an hour a day. In fact, this is my current goal. I'm a plotter and not a pantser* with regard to writing and so I spend a lot of the time between writing, creating plot points. My plot points generally work out at approximately 350 words each and I know I can usually write the manuscript for four plot points in an hour. This means I usually write at about 1,400 words an hour! For me, an hour a day or four plot points equals my word count. If I manage to write for a full seven days in a week, that's roughly 10,000 words. Because of the way I work, plotting and editing as well as writing, I usually write for two months, followed by a month of not writing. That month is used, as I say, for planning / plotting and editing.

How about you? How do you stack up? Do you write for an hour a day every day? After all, one measly little hour really isn't that much to give up in your day. Is it?

* Pantser = someone who doesn't plot their book in detail in advance but 'goes with the flow' as they write.

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