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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Author Interview: Venetia Lovelace

Today I am pleased to present to you all the 63rd in a series of Author Interviews. Recently I sat down with the fifty shades of grey wannabe Venetia Lovelace  and our conversation went something like this:

Paul:  I like to start my interviews by asking if you have any writing rituals?
Venetia:  A clean and clutter free work place, family out of the way for work, me in my pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate. Gets the creative juices flowing. Bliss.

Paul:  What types of books do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors? Why?
Venetia:  I love to read romance and more romance. Jane Austen is my favorite for her sweet romance, delicate sarcasm and gentle humor. Thomas Hardy fascinates me for the sheer sweeping power of his writing.

Paul:  If someone had the power to step into your creative mind what would they see?
Venetia:  Truckloads of beautiful people, cats and dogs, lots of fun, sex and romance all jumbled up.

Paul:  What is a typical day for you?
Venetia:  I send my husband to office, finish all the boring household stuff including breakfast and let the excitement of writing take over the solitude. A nap after lunch, evening walk with husband, shopping, dinner and some TV later, I come back to my best time of the day-writing, editing etc.

Paul:  In all the years you’ve been publishing your work, what is the biggest mistake you made that you could share so others can avoid making it?
Venetia:  I’m just a couple of months old in publishing. Haven’t realized my blunders yet. 

Paul:  How do you find the time to write?
Venetia:  I resigned from my teaching job to write. There’s lots of time between looking after the home and family. I do my thinking and organizing while cooking, walking or in bed until I fall asleep.

Paul:  What is one thing you hope I do not tell the readers?
Venetia:  That my real name is Poonam, and I am from India. The reason- I want international readership.

Paul:  If you are self-published, what led to you going your own way?
Venetia:  Self-publishing comes with a sense of freedom to write the way you want to. The restrictions imposed by publishers regarding the plot, the secondary characters, the length and the degree of explicitness do not apply here. It’s a great feeling to write the way you want to.

Paul:  Do you plot your stories or do you just get an idea and run with it?
Venetia:  It’s kind of both. I first get the idea. Then I make a loose plot which gets lost in the oblivion as my ideas highjack it.

Paul:  Do you do a lot of editing or do you find that as time goes on your writing is more fully-formed?
Venetia:  My editing takes place mostly in my mind, at least as regards the larger details of the story. But yes, I do go over the work a couple of times before putting it out there.

Paul:  What is your most recent book? Tell us a little about it.
Venetia:  My latest book is Only You Will Do. Obviously inspired by the runaway success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ The book is serious fun and a necessary sequel to the bestseller. For all those women who wish they were in Anna’s shoes. Why should Anna have all the fun? Simple ways of making Anna’s enviable sex life your own. I just had to write it because my fingers were itching to join in the celebrations of the success of Ms James’ books.

Paul:  What inspired you to write this book?
Venetia:  The tsunami of almost cult female following for the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ Why not provide ways of weaving some of those shades in your own life? Isn’t it every woman’s secret desire?

Paul:  Do you enter competitions? Are there any you could recommend?
Venetia:  I enter competitions organized by Mills and Boon. My entries were selected in two of those. But the editing process is excruciatingly slow. My books are still being edited, after almost a year. The plus points- M&B are big, and fair and square.  

Paul:  How much marketing do you do for your published works or for your ‘brand’?
Venetia:  Not much. Just some on Facebook or twitter.

Paul:  What’s your favorite / least favorite aspect of your writing life? Has anything surprised you?
Venetia:  There’s nothing like being your own boss and not having your creative ideas mercilessly squashed, plagiarized or rehashed. Being the master of your universe is the best thing about writing. I’m surprised at myself- that I am a writer. Wow! 

Paul:  What do you do when you’re not writing? Do you have any hobbies or party tricks?
Venetia:  I read romance, watch romcoms and observe life and people, dogs and cats around me.

Paul:  Many thanks, Venetia. I wish you every success for the future.

About Venetia Lovelace: Venetia Lovelace majored in English Literature and worked as a senior English teacher until she resigned and discovered her real calling- being a full time romance author.

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