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Monday, April 22, 2013

Ryann Reviews - A Touching Story

I was delighted to read a small article about my fantasy novella, Ryann, last week. The review comes from author Robyn Leatherman's blog, in an article entitled: AtoZ Challenge Day 18: R is for Ryann by Paul Dorset. Why not click the link and take a look at Robyn's wonderful blog?

To quote a very small piece of the article:
"Chapter 3 is where I was brought to tears out of my grief over losing a character I felt attached to. In this scene, a young slave girl (a sclava) is pleading with a younger sclava friend of hers not to pass on and leave her alone, and it left me in literal tears."
Readers' comments about books I've written always touch me in some way or another. Many, many thanks!

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