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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Would You Like To Be A Beta Reader?

First question, just what is a beta reader? For those of you who are not tightly bound to the writing industry, a beta reader is someone who, in turn for receiving an early copy of a book, agrees to check through it for inconsistencies, slow plotlines, grammar mistakes, etc., and then provide feedback to the author before the book is actually released.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have been busy writing. During the past couple of months I have been updating my blog with the plot and manuscript for NotDone, the first of my upcoming Sci-Fi series. Well, the manuscript is about ready to be let loose to a small portion of the public. Would you like to be one of those people?

If you say 'yes' I will send you an electronic copy and some instructions. Then you get to read the book a couple of times and make comments about it under several categories. Finally you return those comments to me. I then read through all comments from all my beta readers and make whatever changes I deem necessary to the book, before it undergoes a final edit. I will, of course, be publishing some of the beta reader comments on my blog. Sound interesting? Then drop me an email to I would love to find four or five beta readers during the next week.

Title:       NotDone
Genre:     Political Sci-Fi
Launch:    June 2013

…Please Help Us
….Everything is NotDone. 

In a desolate country ravaged by years of war, the dwindling inhabitants of Ameiza live in a segregated society where fertility has its special privileges. But for the lesser citizens of Talbot City, draconian rule means persecution or even death. Can five subjugated workers break free from the autocracy and fashion a better existence? Or will the politics of families from ages past stand in the way of unity and freedom?

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