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Monday, May 6, 2013

Interviews With Paul Dorset

Recently I've had a few interviews published that featured me! Just in case you missed any of them, I thought I'd put together a post where they're all gathered in one place. My thanks go out to Jo Michaels, Ryan Hunter, Jo VonBargen, Samuel Ben White, Martin Lake, and Scott Poe.

1. Jo Michaels - Author Interview Paul Dorset
"...Jo: How often do you write and how did you come to this decision?
Paul: My writing goes through cycles (novel writing as opposed to blogs and other projects). When I am writing a novel, I try and write about 1500 words a day for the duration of the book (60-90 days). Of course this writing time comes after a period of plotting and planning. I try to be strict with myself about writing as it’s important to actually finish the book. But that’s just me. I’m sure my methods wouldn’t work for everyone..."

2. Ryan Hunter - Interview With Author Paul Dorset
"...Ryan: You seem devoted to helping other authors by giving advice, spotlights, interviews ... what's the most rewarding part of helping others?
Paul: There’s no specific part that is more rewarding than others. I just think it’s important for Indie Authors to help each other. After all, we don’t have a big publishing house or an agent behind us. We’re all in this together and need as much cross-marketing as possible.
Ryan: Why do you put so much effort into helping other authors?
Paul: I have a vague hope that other Indie Authors will help me too :-)..."

3. Jo VonBargen - Interview With Author Paul Dorset
"...JVB: Tell us about your most recent book (or whichever of your books you’d like to discuss) and the inspiration for it.
PD: My latest project… And I say that because everything seems to be a project nowadays. I like to have several things on the go at once. My most recently published book was last July, but I’ve been busy since them and expect to have four books published during the next eight months. I’ve just completed two manuscripts that will form the first two books in a four book Sci-Fi series, and I’m just about to start writing the first in a three book YA Fantasy series. The YA Fantasy series is a follow-up to my novella, Ryann, which was published last year. As for inspiration, that has never been a problem. There are a lot of books I want to write, about a lot of big themes. My problem is time – or lack of it!..."

4. Samuel Ben White - Interview With Author Paul Dorset
"...Samuel: When you write a book, is it a work of years, are you writing every day, sporadically? (Let us in on how you write.)
Paul: My early books were certainly a work of years! But I’ve got into somewhat of a groove nowadays. My book “thought-to-market process” is around six months. Month one, plot out the book at a very high level (main characters, storyline, world, religions, magics, etc.). I end up with about 200 plot points (that will be converted to manuscript). Months two and three, write the manuscript. Month four, leave the manuscript alone. Don’t touch it at all. Months five and six, edit, get reader feedback, re-edit and plan launch, marketing, covers, description, etc. When I’m writing the manuscript I write around 1,400 words in an hour. Sometimes I write for two or three hours, and I write around 10,000 words a week..."

5. Martin Lake - Talking With Paul Dorset
"...Martin: Who in your early life would be most impressed by your writing and why?
Paul: My English teacher told me I would never pass my English exams. I think my grammar is now somewhat improved. However, even at school I was always writing small pieces of fantasy prose.
Martin: If someone had the power to look into your creative mind what would they see?
Paul: Heck, even I don’t know what goes on there sometimes! There are always a hundred stories and pieces of plots rolling around. Unfortunately I never get the dedicated time I need to get everything out and down on paper. Eventually some of the ideas meld together and real weird things end up on paper!..."

6. Scott Poe - Review of Xannu - The Prophecy
"Xannu - The Prophecy is further proof that commercial publishers have no monopoly on writing talent or writing quality. This is a good read with believable and entertaining characters, and a plot that pulls you along..."

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